Meet Kaya!

well, i finally did it.
yesterday i thought i'd just go take a look at the animal shelter. i've been checking their website almost obsessively, lookin' at the dogs up for adoption. i've thought about it for years, the major down-side to the whole "having a dog" thing being the commitment to more or less staying in the country. but i think i can work around that, and i've made the decision that i *will* work around it now when it comes up! i came home with Kaya!!

She's absolutely wonderful. I feel almost guilty, as she's so incredibly well behaved and sweet!!! Everything I would want in a dog (so far, at any rate!) She's a younger adult, some kind of husky dog. With beautiful eyes!!

Here she is, tuckered out after bounding (she bounds, like a deer) through the underbrush on a walk down the powerlines. Not much more to say for now. I was feeling apprehensive yesterday when I got home (the "holy camoly, what did i DO??) but after an evening walk with her I was all sorts of excited. This afternoon we're going to go on our first run together...hopefully she'll be an excellent running partner. And by the looks of her when I take her off leash, she'll be good at skijoring! This girl can definitely run.