Do you deliver flowers?
We deliver our seasonal, locally-grown flowers in the Homer-area from mid-April through mid-September/October, weather depending. We work only with flowers grown on our farm for deliveries, and as such our availability is very seasonal. Please contact us for flower delivery orders.

Do you do farm tours/can I come visit?
We love visitors, and we’re hoping to incorporate a few ‘open houses’ into our season. At this point, we don’t have open hours on the farm.

Do you grow peonies?
We grow over 40 varieties of annual and perennial specialty cut flowers, including some peonies. All of our flowers are grown for local markets. If you are looking to purchase wholesale peonies, there are many wonderful peony farms here in Homer and around Alaska! Check out the Alaska Peony Growers Association for more information. For weddings and events, we source peonies from Alaskan farms as the season allows.

I love __________ flowers….will they be available for my wedding?
When we work on weddings, your overall vision is our top priority. To that end, if you have very specific blooms that you want to see we’ll do our best to work with you to source them. If your heart is set on blooms that we don’t grow here, we do work with other farms and wholesalers to source American-Grown flowers from Outside. We have a $1,000 order minimum for events requiring outside sourcing of blooms. Your best bet is to get in touch with us and we can start looking at options!

When should I get in touch with you about flowers for my wedding?
As soon as possible! We know that wedding planning is often a long process – we want to hear from you as soon as you’re ready to start putting down some ideas for your flowers. We are a small business and Rachel works personally on all wedding flowers. For this reason, we usually will only book one wedding per weekend to make sure we give your day our complete attention. Starting early ensures that we’re available for your date! See our Weddings page for more information.

I’m having a wedding and want to arrange my own flowers – can I buy your flowers?
Congratulations! We offer Do-It-Yourself buckets of mixed, seasonal flowers from July through September. See our Weddings page for more information.

How long will my flowers last?
Flowers from Alaska Stems were picked just the right time, treated with care and respect from us to you, and will give you at least one to two weeks of enjoyment at home when cared for properly! See our page on Flower Care for some easy tips on how to extend the life of your cut flowers.

Where can I buy your flowers?
Our flowers are seasonally available at the Homer Farmers Market, Save-U-More, and sometimes available on our farm. You can also sign up to receive flowers on a regular basis throughout the season, order special deliveries, and work with us for your wedding flowers! See Where to Buy and Weddings for more information.

I am interested in growing cut flowers! Where can I learn more?
There are so many great resources out there for learning to grow and sell specialty cut flowers to local markets! You can check out the blog section for some ideas from Rachel of favorite resources. (November 2016: Please note, this blog post was lost with the transition to a new website! I'll be working to create a new one, but feel free to contact me in the meantime!)