on a happier note....

alright, so i've deleted my last posting.
it was bringing me down, keeping up such a negative experience.
not to gloss life over, but there is also not much of a need to keep it up and in your (my) face.
and since i don't have a plethora of things to update right now, i don't have the ability to push it far down into the archives.
so, if you missed my duck-debacle, and are terribly curious as to what made me break down and sob on the side of college rd. the other day,let me know and i'll fill you in.
otherwise, there are happier things to note:

summer is beautiful and i've been successful in enjoying much of it. mostly with the following activities:
* playing with my new dog (though she's not so much into fetching anything...)
* frisbee! i joined the fairbanks ultimate frisbee league! who knew i would play team
* running. i'm thinking about doing the portland marathon in october...anyone wanna join me?
* fun trips, and fun trips to come! especially:
* fishing in chitina a few weeks ago, and hopefully another trip to fill up the
* meeting meg & curren in denali, and then having them come up here
* backpacking up in the brooks range with jason

the other night i was coming home from a fabulous birthday party for lorien and brian (which included a killer obstacle course, completed by well over a dozen people that included a very large and impressive slip-n-slide and a bmx bike with no brakes), but anyways, i was coming home late and saw what seemed like a sunset!

it's scary when the sky begins to get sunset colors again, because when that happens you know we're really losing the daylight. but, by the same token, i have to say that i kind of rejoice in seeing the colors of sunrise and sunset again.

alright. enough for now. back to working on my thesis!!