Solstice, a new home and a garden!

happy solstice, everyone!!!!
i hope wherever you are you've been able to reflect for a moment today on the day with the most sunlight (at least for us in the northern hemisphere!)
i wasn't sure whether to celebrate or maybe slightly lament the coming of the summer solstice. indeed after this we're losing minutes, and man oh man do we lose them quick up here. justine is convinced that she gets S.A.D. appx. one week following the solstice.

but, also on justine's insistence, i will forever celebrate solstice as a beautiful and ever inspiring and important day in our year.
below are some pictures. some from my new lovely cabin in the woods, including several taken last night at 12:15am. no flash. yep.
and then a few from our community garden plot! yeah !!!! last night i harvested some radishes and green onions!

this was at 12:15am last night. notice the daylight. the inside picture below is a little blurry, but not bad for no flash just a little after midnight, huh?

here's the backside of my cabin, and below is the inside looking out towards the porch (facing north)

this year, John and I have a community garden plot! we have ~600 sq.ft (i think it's larger than my cabin...) and i absolutely love it.

day one, assessing our plot and fixin' up the raised beds...

john, contemplative and cutting out potato eyes to plant

the oh-so-little rutabaga plant. the one living thing that came with our garden (aside from the grass and weeds...)

and here's a shot i took yesterday! the rutabaga is the giant bush you can see. there will be more pictures to come, but overall the garden is doing really well!

alright, well. i'm done with email and updates, and i'm off to play frisbee. and then possibly get a ticket for the midnight sun baseball game...we'll see if i get out of the frisbee game in time to get there before they sell out!
much love to everyone on this summer solstice.