It must be spring!   Look at all of the cleaning that has been done -  Ben really did a nice job cleaning a little while ago, even sucking out the dead flies from the ceiling lights! (sorry, Dad, no windows were cleaned – I think we need you for that chore!)


In addition to the cleaning, Ben launched his boat this month!  She’s yet without a name, but she’s beautiful and we were able to sneak over yesterday in lovely weather to Glacier Spit with Mike, Josiah, Bo, Lia, and the dogs.  Here are some pictures from the launch and yesterday’s trip:


Backing her down the launch ramp.  Ben’s still in need of a real trailer, but this one managed to make it from the sawmill to the harbor without a hitch! (no pun intended…).  Jeff’s driving, Mikey’s on the tailgate, Ben has the line, and Steve & Susie (Ben’s parents) are looking on.

Champagne passed to the captain and poured over the bow (who knew a bottle of champagne would fit so nicely in the drink holder by the steering column?)


Checking the engines,


Engines Checked! Success!


Bo and Lia, hanging out on the bow as we headed towards Glacier Spit yesterday afternoon…a beautiful day on a smoooooth boat ride over. 

boysonboatssnuggle   dogsandmallows

There was dog snuggling, hiking through snow to the lake (for all but Mikey who brought his sleeping bag and some book), and roasting dogs and making s’mores over a fire.  A lovely evening.


And back on the home-front, it’s break up season!  Meaning, mostly, that our driveway is variably drive-able.  Here’s Mike’s Subaru, Ben’s Subaru, and my Subaru lined up at the base of the drive.  Ahhhh, Spring – I love it.