In Transit.

I’m always intending to update my blog – really, the intention is there!  But you know what they say about good intentions and a road to hell… Thankfully I trust that ya’ll can understand that when a girl spends as much time in front of a computer for work as I do, she tries to avoid too much computer-time when out of the office.  So now here I am, a captive audience in the Anchorage airport at 11:49pm, in transit to Outside.  (Outside = anywhere not in Alaska)(yeah, weird, huh?)  First stop is Denver, CO where I’ll be attending and participating in the 7th annual National Water Quality Monitoring Conference.  I love conferences, I really do.  It’s good for the soul and the brain to get outside of your world and be reminded that other people do your kind of work, too!  And they have new and different ideas!  It generally is an invigorating experience.  On Thursday afternoon I’ll fly from Denver to Boston – WOOHOOO!  I’m terribly excited about this, as I can’t wait to see: my mom, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, dad, donna, deb, justine, katie, alexa?, aaron?, amanda?, sally?, tom?  oak trees, fenway and the red sox, maine, the pioneer valley, the atlantic ocean, buildings built before 1750, bueno y sano, breaking new grounds, I-95 – I know, it’s ridiculous.  What can I say but I suffer from a deep nostalgia surrounding most periods of my life, my growing-up is no exception, highways and all.. it’s a whirlwind trip that will no doubt leave me wanting more.  Like NYC – I cannot believe I’m heading to the east coast and I’m missing New York and the good beautiful people there.  Next time, next time.