out with the old, in with the new.

  well, the time came this week to pack my car, pack a uhaul trailer to tow behind it, load up the dog, and head south to homer, alaska.  the night before i left i had a few people over to say goodbye, and burn some papers that had accumulated throughout the years...


kaya and i left fairbanks on thursday afternoon around 2:30.  i had decided on a whim to split the trip up into two days, one to anchorage and then the next day to homer.  all told it is a 600 mile trip.  the car was soooooo loaded down that we went between 40 and 50 miles/hour the entire.way.there.  good lord it took a very very very long time.  kaya had resigned herself to our new life, driving and stopping every couple of hours to pee and quickly run around.

P2280024 P2280027 we didn't stop at skinny dicks, i was just too focused on the destination and this particular landmark is only about 50 miles from fairbanks.  had i stopped, however, i would have bought a sweatshirt for deb. i have been planning on doing this for years, but never followed through. sorry, chica!  (i'm sure you're terribly broken up about it...)


we stopped for gas in healy, at the best gas station on the parks highway.  


P2280040P2280034  and then a bit later on, south of cantwell, we stopped for kaya's dinner.  mmmm...dog food on the side of the road, at the base of beautiful beautiful mountains.  i love the parks hwy, and i love love this section.  stunningly beautiful, on a completely clear evening.  as i was driving so slowly i had plenty of time to enjoy it. 


kaya slept wrapped around the gearshift for much of the trip. safe, i know. but only once did she put us into neutral (causing me to quietly and without surprise assume that we had lost the transmission before i realized what had happened)

 P2280044 we stayed at brian's on thursday night and it was wonderful to see him, catch up a bit, sleep soundly after a long long drive.  we left anchorage the next morning around 930.  i snapped this photo on the way out of the city on the seward hwy - another one for deb.  come to alaska! join the roller derby!!

P2280053 there was lots and lots of snow over turnagin pass, but we made it. slowly. so slowly...

P2290058 P2290055

kai didn't do a great job of looking out for moose. she would for a little while, and then get bored and fall asleep. the one moose we did see while driving was running (fast!) down the side of the road. she never even twitched an ear.

P2290067                                       my first glimpse of the water!!! P2290072holy camoly, the mountains here are HUGE and right on the other side of the water!!! yeah!!!P2290073

home sweet home. sweet homer. love it, i absolutely love it.