and here we are!

alright. i just threw out a post on the trip south to homer.  and now, for the update you've possibly been waiting for, how is homer itself?!

#1. the town itself is really really beautiful. although nothing beats new england for a cute downtown area, so far what i've seen of homer i like a lot. and the spit reminds me very much of home, all shuttered up in the winter, teeming (no doubt) with tourists come summer.


#2. i love the ocean. i can't state it heart swelled when i smelled the salt water, and when it's quiet at night i can hear the waves from my new house.  my other true love is mountains, and as you can see - here i get them both. excellent! kaya was initially quite apprehensive about the waves rolling in, but she quickly took to it.

seeing my dog running on the beach and in the waves was good for my soul and makes me smile to no end.

P3010077 P3010079


#3. we have indoor plumbing!!!!  i feel kind of like i've wimped out, but i must say that i love taking a shower at my own home! yeah!!! and the kitchen has a great counter, which once i get stools will be a close-approximation to a breakfast bar! yeah!  (in case you didn't know, i've always wanted a breakfast bar...)  last night i did pee outside, just 'cause kaya had to, and so did i, and so there i went. this pleased me on the account of the fact that my neighbors are blocked enough from view that i didn't have to hide to pop a squat. yeah!  we have lots of moose in the 'hood, however, and so kaya doesn't get to be outside unattended. and really should probably usually be tied up outside...some of the tracks in the yard are *huge*. word on the street is that three large bulls call the area home these days. excellent. 

P3010009 P3010008

we live exactly 2.5 miles from megan murphy, who lives directly behind the library and right near the base of the spit.  and is a wonderful wonderful friend, who took me out last night to see a local punk/rock/punkrock band, the matress ranchers, at a great bar - alices' champagne palace.  good beer, good people, good (rockin') music, all within a few miles from the ocean and my new home.