vacation: part 1 of 3.

Tonight's my last night in northern Maine, up here on East Grand Lake in Danforth with my dad brother, and Donna.
Things done:
-snowmachining with dad to get a christmas tree
-decorating said charlie brown christmas tree
-hooking up the new 'entertainment center' that dad and donna built (picture to come)
-baptist church service this morning
-shoveled snow off of the roofs of seven cabins and the house
-coffee in houlton at the organic grocery store where they still don't make enough money to actually pay the employees, but happily they're in business another year
-watched football on the new hdtv (fancy-shmancy). oh, and tom brady is amazing. it's reiterated that he's an amazing quarterback, and really hot (only when he has a hat on)
-discovered the best movie ever, fever pitch, combining two of my favorite genres: romantic comedy and inspirational sport. even better is that the sports end is all red sox!!
-recieved a phatty new grundens sweatshirt from dad for christmas
-thoroughly enjoyed the maine accents...i wish i could bring it home with me.

so sad to go, but i'll be back. someday soon it will have to be for longer than four days. i want to do an extended east coast stay, including a trip to nova scotia and newfoundland.