happy solstice!

so somehow i posted a few post-defense pictures to my little brother's blog (which he himself doesn't ever ever update...)


i'm currently sittin' on the couch at my dad's, watching high definition television with my brother. i more or less just woke up after days and days of waaaay too little sleep (though completely not regretted..). the sun is shining out on the snow and it's nearly blinding - this morning i felt so disorientated.
the agenda is pretty chill -
take a shower, do some laundry.
go snowmobiling (as they call it down here) with dad and get a christmas tree
head down east tomorrow with chris to say hello to the ocean
apply to jobs
generally kick it with my wonderful family who i have missed dearly!!!

it's unfortunate when good people are spread across the country/world as you can't be two places at once (try as you might). that being said, i'm always reminded that you indeed CAN come home again, both literally and figuratively. home is truly where your heart is, and that can move with you - keeping all good people in your heart till you see them again.

happy solstice!!