who knew returning an ipod could be so much fun..

after chris' ipod stopped working i realized that i had become hopelessly addicted after just a few short months. so yes, i caved and on monday went to the tech center to buy a new ipod.
so then i'm all happy and listening to 'this american life' on my run yesterday. after two episodes i still had a few miles to go, and was all excited to listen to the 'run run run' playlist i had made myself (which begins with the first part of the 'hippity hop' hiphop cd megan made me!!)

except that the middle 'select' button had ceased to function. ack! i had to run down sheep creek road, the longest most boring road in my head, without music.

today i decided that the 'select' button was never going to come back on, and so went back to the tech center to return it. this, as i should have figured, took forever.
but in the meantime, justine and i got to play with the apple computer for sale with a built-in camera!

pray that we don't have to return to the tech center soon....who knows what other options may be available with that computer. i can't imagine how much LESS work i would get done if i had one of those camera things. lordy