my backyard.

the weekend i got back from juneau, jen, rob, justine, aerin and i headed down to delta to float the clearwater river. we were a little early on the bird-front, but it was a wonderful welcome-back to the boreal forest and home after being gone to southeast for over a week.

justine, checking on the bird-situation.

it was kind of like being a small child, sitting in between jen and rob and just basking in the sun...

here's an ice shot. we figured we'd try to get some hardcore picture of us with icebergs, but this is as best as we got. looks intense, huh??

mama and her calf, munching on the aquatic veg. yeah for the end of winter!!!

** the next weekend (just this past saturday) cory, lauren, morgan, zoe and i headed up and hiked from angel rocks to chena hotsprings. it was a beautiful day, with good views, good people, finishing with a good soak in the springs.

stopping to have some food at the top of the ridge, looking southeast

cory demonstrating something or another that was, apparently, quite funny...

zoe had a great time and was one fast dog along the trail!!

lauren, morgan and zoe hiking up to the ridge