Last week, Sadie and I decided we'd just swing on down to Seattle on the heel of receiving news that Grandma & Grandpa we're heading that way. If they were going to be on the west coast I figured it wouldn't be too hard to mosey on down so they could meet their first great-grandbaby! And to see Meg, Russ & Curren, and Amanda, Calais & Sonya. So much loving family for this new baby!

So we headed south. Sadie was a total champ on all flights, sleeping through just about all of them. Including the first, which was so rough the passengers applauded when we landed. Mom was more then a bit terrified, but only cried a little and didn't throw up! 

We were greeted in Seattle by Meg and Curren - how great to see them! Curren has started high school and we were lucky to be visiting to see his band play at the Bainbridge Harvest Fair. It was rainy and windy, but those guys were awesome!

Grandma & pa arrived the day after us, tired after a long trip, but elated to see us at the airport! They couldn't believe not only that we were there, but that Mom and Patty had known and not said anything! So much fun. We had a god time visiting, and Sadie was great at her first trip to an art museum!

Amanda and girls came over to the Island on Saturday. It was a short visit, but wonderful to see them all and introduce the newest Gibson. As Calais said, "baby Sadie is sooooooo cute!" We hit up the kids museum for a brief bit and I got a peak into the world of ushering these babies once they figure out how to locomote amidst a veritable sea of children and parents. Woah. 

Finally we were able to visit in Anchorage, at the airport gem Yogurtland, with Abby on the way south and Ian on our trip back home. 

And now here we are. And despite a fairly epically rough night, I'm feeling blessed and loved, and full of love for family and friends. And for this big world full of homes that can so quickly feel like a home away from home when surrounded by these family and friends.