Amigos, Perros, Playas, y Nieve

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The weather has been beautiful and blustery this month, with some spectacular sunsets!  The other night I took the dogs to the beach for a walk and the waves coming in were perfect – a handful of folks were out surfing on the point.

In land-based news, ski season is upon us! Yeah!  It was great to get out for early-season skiing, even if it was on an inch of snow over the frozen reservoir. 

Katie, Blaine & I headed up there the weekend before Thanksgiving:

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There wasn’t enough snow on Bridge Creek to ski up it, so we de-skied and walked up aways.

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I have so many of these ridiculous self-portraits. 

Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving.  Ben graciously gave in to my love of cooking and eating and friends and family and we hosted Tday again this year at the house.  We got up at 9AM and cooked and cooked and cooked, cleaned a little, cooked some more.  Oh, and Ben decided he needed to hem two pairs of his pants. 

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Mike took a little while waking up….

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Megan and Steve were wonderful company, along with Steve, Susie, Charlie, Debbie, Elias, and Mikey.  And, of course, Kaya, Pemba, and LE.  I took precious few pictures, but enjoyed the day and the evening thoroughly.  Many thanks and deep appreciation.

We’re heading to Mexico next week, after a week of work, hopefully some more skiing, and trip-prep.  Then a weekend in Anchorage for work, a couple of days in Seattle, then SOUTH! 

Hasta pronto, mis amigos.