Sushi and St Patty's Day!

pile o sushi

I'm combining these two posts because I've been a wicked slacker and have heaps of pictures I'd love to share but am feeling a bit backed-up.  Sue came over approximately forever ago, and we made sushi & wontons.  Jeff came home and deep fried them, and then Ben came home and ate just about all of them.  Mmm...deep frying.

sushi makin

go team eat Go Team!

For St Patrick's Day, Jeff made corned beef, with potatoes and cabbage.  Dyed green, of course.  It was my first (and Stacey's first) corned beef.  Oh how far I've was supa-good.

corned beef etc

st paddysline er up 

Car bombs were had and it was good.  Uh - let's not really talk about it, but there might still be leftovers in the fridge.  Apparently 3-4 people in this house weren't enough to do what needed to be done to finish off the phenomenal amount of corned beef stew that was made.