A past-due Thanksgiving update!

I'll be fairly brief on some catch-up posts ... it's been so long since I've posted anything on here, but I'm going to go back quickly to Thanksgiving.  Justine flew over to Homer from Juneau - it had been nearly a year since I had saw her, one of my most favorite people who I miss dearly.


For Thanksgiving day our household joined Ben's household for a big shin-dig.  Megan, Justine, and I cooked and cooked - our house brought two pumpkin pies, one apple pie, a green bean casserole, and biscuits.  Regular and cheese.  Woah - the cheese biscuits were amazing.  (I can't believe I can call up our Tday dishes this far past...)  Ben hosted dinner with 16 guests and an absolutely phenomenal amount of food.  It was incredible - after everyone had two- to three-helpings, you almost couldn't tell the food had been touched. 

So what to do but sled all leftovers to a cabin a little ways out of town?  Dogs, food, and wine were packed up and a handful of us went out the next day for a ski/dinner/sauna.


The truck got stuck, we were about a mile short of the cabin, and we all decided to not push our luck too hard.  Kaya earned her keep - I strapped her to her sled and she pulled in all of the wine.  Good dog.


Shoveling out the front of the cabin...


And hands down one of the best snowmen I've seen.