And a mid-winter kayak update.

The coaming, in all of its epoxy-d glory, is done and done.

final coaming (1) final coaming

I have to say, it's very shiny.  Very.

Shiny and ready to be sewn into the skin.  Except, of course, the skin is a bitch to sew on.  Yep.  Excuse the language, but for the love.  I have sewn and re-sewn, my fingers and knuckles kind of hurt, and I still don't know if it's at an acceptable place.  The problem is in the tension and in the puckering that is occurring across the decks.  Grr.

But some pretty pictures:

boat skinning (1) 

pretty frame (1)pretty frame

Kaya thinks this is all very boring.  But Ben is working on not only her jumping skills, but also her show dog potential.  Look at her, sittin' pretty.  She loves it.  Really.

show dog