Living History

There's nothing particularly eloquent or grandiose that I want to say right now - I haven't the words to express the feelings that run through my head and my heart and my country.....laying on the floor, listening to Obama's acceptance speech with friends sitting around talking and a puppy playing. I don't necessarily believe that this is IT, we are heading for a revolutionary change that will fundamentally fix our deeply flawed system. However, I feel a shift a realignment a *possibility*
And it is that possibility that I can align myself with and hold on to, maybe even shed the slightest bit of cynicism....(but no promises there)


That is the theme that I'm running with for my personal life, my professional life, life life life, this beautiful and vast country & world. Lofty, yes. but if we don't have possibility, if there's no hope and no optimism ---- then what do we have? What's left?

I'm in. Let's do it.
(Hell Yeah)