Boat Update!

Before I do a general summer-update, I will post up some pictures of my boat-in-progress. I just moved in the past few days, and was really hoping to get deck beams all secured in place beforehand. Come to find out, hand-cutting compound angles is a wee bit tricky, and I blew through quite a bit of wood before getting the hang of it. It's still taking awhile for each one, and not reading the directions correctly really didn't help at the onset.

A week ago (or so..) I cut out spreaders and end braces, leveled and adjusted everything, and now my boat really looks like a boat! The ends are doweled together, and she's taking shape...slowly but surely!

And maybe you'll notice that I'm no longer working within a carport for my woodshop! I've moved, and Megan's front yard area is now my make-shift boatbuilding workshop. So far I've been super lucky with weather - summer finally came!! But I'm going to have to bust out the tarp action, and work when I can when the sun is shining!