loving fairbanks.

i will be leaving fairbanks a week from tomorrow.  i'm heading south for another chapter, this one happening with the backdrop of homer, alaska.  while my thesis goes through the ranks being approved along the way, i've been enjoying myself in my last weeks here.

twice this week, monday and today, i joined jason and others hiking/skin-ing (how would you spell this?) up moose mountain, a local ski area that is only open on fridays and saturdays.  my new-found love of downhill skiing, combined with my adoration of interior alaska, playing outside, early mornings, and my dog's obvious unbridled joy made these two mornings absolutely spectacular. 

P2170003 P2170007

P2170008 P2170009

P2170012 P2170010

sorry about the streak in that picture. indeed, i'm not crazy about my new camera and streaking over/fogging up is only one of my many complaints...

kaya and i have been skijoring nearly every other day, last night blaine and i went to see the kite runner at the blue loon.  the other night jason and i went to have dinner at the vietnamese place (which i really like) and tonight we're going to have thai with some of the folks jason works with.  i've been doing some packing, a lot of getting rid of stuff, walking and playing through the valley on the mushing trails. 

ahhh...life is good. i love fairbanks, and i'm excited about the next step.

P2180016 so's kaya.