pictures on flickr

hey ya'll!
i updated my flickr site (finally) with more pictures from the brooks! yeah!! the link is on the sidebar.

i went down to the anderson bluegrass festival last weekend with seth, blaine, katie, john & katie's parents. we had a good (and relatively mellow) time - now it's back in fairbanks to!!! though i was quite inspired (yet again) to get rockin' on my guitar...

any suggestions on motivational techniques (for my thesis in particular), please let me know.
other plans:

-guitar playin'
-frisbee tournament/game
-dog park
-making a decision on running another marathon this year
-eating good food

and i just talked with danny last night at troy's birthday par-tay about getting out *hunting* this fall! no shit, i'm going to try and help get me some moose meat. i'm not sure i'm ready to actually kill something, but i'm all about eating it, so we'll see if it pans out. it could be a whole lot of fun...who would have thought?! for now i'd like to just go and help haul stuff...i think i'll let someone else pull the steps, right?