biking in denali

last weekend Blaine, Katie, Jason and I headed down to go biking in Denali NP before the park road opens up to the busses. during the off-season you can drive your own vehicle in to Teklaneka, which is about mile 30 on the road. from there we were hoping to maybe make it out to Polychrome Pass, which looked like a pretty good possibility until we got closer and closer to Sable Pass.....

needless to say, it was a bit snowy! there was some hail, some snow, some wind, lots of mud. we had a great time despite making a short distance. good company, good scenery, and good exercise, heading up the pass! i think i may have hit my pedals twice on the entire way down...we ate a good amount of mud
katie and blaine biking across the Teklaneka River
Jason checking out the sow grizzly and cub on the banks of the river. Note that he is covered in mud. i {heart} being covered in mud!

the bears on the river for all the tourists to see...Jason drove home and we talked while Katie and Blaine passed out hard. We had just stopped at Rosa's Cafe on the Parks Hwy for dinner (which is usually quite good, but rather disappointing this time around. i don't recommend the halibut dinner... four fishsticks will not sufficiently feed two people, come to find out.)