trapped at a bar in fairbanks

i'm not sure if anyone reads this any longer... i don't update it all that often. however, since i'm trapped at the bar currently, i thought what the hell.
so yeah. i'm trapped at the red fox in fairbanks. after a failed attempt at the post office, i went to the coffee shop to do some work before meeting a friend just down the way at the bar at six. so six came and i went to the bar, we ateand had some beer and generally fabulous conversation. so then nine rolls around and it's time to go warm up the cars and head on home. right. except come to find out it's hovering around at least -30F and my car, after 5+ hours of sitting there, is entirely uninterested in starting. awsome. so adrian gave me one of her extension cords, and that combined with mine reached to the building to plug in my car. so now i'm sitting here in the red fox, waiting for my car's battery, oil pan, and engine block to warm up enough to allow oil and all that other good stuff to flow around properly. let's cross our fingers that it starts.....the music was terrible terrible on the jukebox, so i put in $1, but my songs haven't come up yet. someone loaded it up with generally horrible music, but i have yet to resort to my headphones. that seems like it would just be weird.
to my rescue, emily has come to hang out and drink a beer with me while i wait. ahhh, winter in fairbanks. indeed it was +20F just a week ago. how quickly things change...
in the words of manu chao:
hay dos cosas ciertas - el muerte y el cambio.