turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

This year I celebrated turkey day with my friend Katie and her wonderful family. They adopted a number of us to join them for the day! Such good company and good food!

left to right: John, me, Amy, Katie V, Justine, Blaine

This is Blaine in our kitchen, working on his super yummy stuffed mushrooms... please notice the fabulous Tom Brady poster on the fridge. Indeed, this is the same poster I got from the Wells Dunkin Donuts and sent to Maura many years ago. hm. She gave it back to me...I think Blaine likes it as much as she did. Too bad!

This is my roommate.
There are no words to describe.

Blaine passing Justine some of John's amazing bread

Katie, sitting next to her sister Lisa, talking with John
We all went around the table and said what we were thankful for...
my personal favorite - Justine is thankful for the cultivation and distribution of coffee.

A view down the other end of the table. Family friends shared in the feast...folks that Katie and her sisters all grew up with.

All in all it was a great day. We went skiing for a bit on the slough
(Blaine stating that, "I don't think I like cross-country skiing...if I'm going to fall I may as well be going fast" .. he loves it.)
made and ate great food
and spent time with great people.

Then we went to see Borat. Wicked disturbing.
And now I'm procrastinating in a serious way from working on my lecture on mycorrhizae for my plant physiology course. Eek. I really don't want to work on it. So instead I'm updating this, sitting in my office on a Saturday, with the sun streaming in. Which, in fact, is beautiful!! The sun sets in about an hour (around 3:30pm) and it's about -25F outside. So I'm not in a bad place right now.

Back to work!