Salmon fishin' in Chitina, AK!

So I've gone twice now, dip net fishing for sockeye salmon on the Copper River, outside of Chitina, AK. It's about 90 miles north of Valdez, appx. 350 miles south of Fairbanks. It's beautiful!!!
the view from our fishing spot...the river is STRONG! and the mountains, amazing
Amy on this last trip with her first fish. Check it out - the sun is actually setting!!
yeehaw! a sow grizzly and her cub, kicking it on the other side of the river. so cool.

Blaine with a fish from just this past weekend

Me, over the fourth of July, with a fish!

Alright. So Knut, my advisor, told me that this was hokey and silly. And never to do it again. But I think I look cute! So what if I'm rod and reel fishing in a glacial river for spawning salmon who aren't actually eating anything....
Blaine's super amazing and huge king salmon. It bent the pole of the dipnet!

Katie, Blaine and my booty from the first trip. We filleted and vacuum sealed it, then doled it out on my porch.

and finally, Katie dip netting on our first trip, with the amazing mountains in the background.

ooooh I love Alaska.