we're now in late autumn...

well - it took me a bit to log in again to update this blog thing, since i actually forgot my password there for about a week. but i'm back in!
things are good in alaska - it's been chilly and *wet* for the past few days and it's getting rather old. very much like late-fall in new england, the leaves are mostly gone and you can tell winter is comin' quick. i guess it might snow tonight. isn't it still september?? last weekend it was fabulous, i went on a great bike ride and denali (mt.mckinley) was spectacular (see the picture!)
so i'm just going to throw some pics up on this thing. is there a place you can leave comments up on this site? if so, i hope you do!!
pictures are as follows:
a moose, outside of fairbanks; denali!; the roads can be dangerous up here, and the signs are great!; a picture of my office, which has more books and pictures up now!; and meg and i when we hit the yukon boarder on the drive up here!!
i miss everyone, and am still trying to figure out christmas/january vacation.
much love