A New Site!

Summer. If you're a flower farmer, it's not generally a season for working on your website. Unless, of course, your website is hacked and begins redirecting clients to well, let's just say less-than-savory places on the great world wide web.

So here we are, with a new and improved website! Fully managed so I'm not worrying about internet hackers in addition to aphids and thrips. Despite having the added workload in the middle of summer, I'm really excited about the new site and hope you enjoy it! I was able to save much of the content from my old site, with the exception of the blog. I yet again have a goal of keeping a farm journal here, but it might be spotty for awhile while we continue to hang on tight to make it through this season. After mid-August, I'll be leaving my job at Cook Inletkeeper (for the most part!) and will be focusing more completely on the farm and our design work. I am So Excited! So that's to say there will definitely be more to come!

Happy July!